Come On Board!

At JoyRide Club, we try to understand the daily challenges of fulfilling your diverse travelling needs. Whether we are going to work, study and play, as commuters, we want a hassle-free and stress-less experience.

Imagine we can tailor a customised and personalised travel plan to serve your daily commuting needs? Gather a group of like-minded people whom you are familiar with as you fill your journeywith lots of fun and laughter.

Every specific need can be customised. Every travel is in small pockets. You can therefore expect comfort seating and abundant legroom. Chasing after public transport, putting up with unpredictable timing, jostling with the maddening crowd should be a thing of the past.

Quality and comfort should never come at an exorbitant price!


The Birth of JoyRide Club (2012)

We strive to meet these challenging situations and turn them into joyous moments where traveling is concern. We devise innovative solutions to overcome challenging traffic conditions, and diverse commuting needs. As a company, we gather a group of operators who have vast experiences in the field of transportation and extensive knowledge of Singapore road networks. Our excellence in road management, time scheduling and customer service therefore equip us to be “A Preferred Partner in Commuting”!